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    Mature Products and Technologies

    For the mature products or technologies, Jinyoung is willing to obtain the matching IP through technology transfer or license agreement at a promising price. Besides, Jinyoung is also willing to share the IP or established a joint venture based on a professional evaluation of the IP.

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    Prototype Products and Technologies

    For the prototype products or technologies, Jinyoung offers interior and exterior technological incubations to assist the IP owner torealize the industrialization of scientific discoveries.

    For exterior tech-incubation, Jinyoung will provide a certain amount of funding to support the project. The research and development are conducted in the external facility.

    For the projects have a higher degree of sharing in research resources, Jinyoung offers the interior tech-incubation. Jinyoung will conduct the research within Jinyoung facilities with the assistance of the external R&D team.

    When the industrialization of the IP is realized, both Jinyoung and the IP owner will share the outcomes of the joined R&D.

About the Startup Platform

Introducing the partnership mode and the concept of sharing-economy, Jinyoung launched Jinyoung Startup Platform. Jinyoung Startup Platform accelerated the growth of startups in the field of advanced polymer materialsand revised the operational structure of the entity enterprise.
With the assistance of the entrepreneur accelerator and product incubator, Jinyoung Startup Platform assists its startup teams to start their own entity career more easily and efficiently. Jinyoung and its startup teams share the mutual goal of building the fast track of turning technological innovations into game-changing products.

As a high-tech enterprise, Jinyoung devotes to absorbing the latest discoveries and innovations to provide cutting-edge products for the customers. Through the startup platform, Jinyoung is able to gather the elites in the field of advanced polymer industry and form a solid and various technical cornerstones.
Jinyoung regards the ‘partnershipmode’ as the cornerstone of the startup platform. The startup teams who succeeded in starting their entity business will be promoted to be the partner of the Jinyoung.Through the entrepreneur accelerator and product incubator, Jinyoung Startup Platform is able to assist its startup teams to compete for their future. The mutual goalof Jinyoung and its startup teams is to become a trustworthy enterprise in the field of advanced materials.
Operational Innovations
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    Two-layer Management

    Jinyoung is devoting to promote enterprise management. Instead of following conventional pyramid management structure, Jinyoung builds a two-layer management structure. One layer is formed by startup teams, and the other layer consists of the service teams. By interacting with each other, those two layers perform their own duties and grow together.

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    Sharing and Growing

    Through the startup platform, Jinyoung provided various professional operation services for its startup teams, including R&D service,manufacturing service, supply chain service, marketing service, etc. Through the startup platform, Jinyoung is capable of integrating the specialties of each start-up teams to achieve a more comprehensive product line, a faster R&D efficiency, and a better quality control.

  • 03

    Intelligence Support

    Jinyoung invented an intelligence platform to support the startup teams of the startup platform. Consisting of PLM, ERP, CRM, WMS, and BI, the intelligence platform realizes the real-time sharing of market information and optimization of supply chain arrangement. The intelligence platform of Jinyoung is assisting its startup teams making real-time market decisions with a one-stop intelligence service.

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    Profit Sharing

    The venture capital of the evaluated startup project is provided by Jinyoung and the executive team will receive considerable income until the assessment. Jinyoung takes over the risk of starting stage of the project for the startup teams. Moreover, the succeeded startup teams willobtain a high revenue and investment dividend over 60%. In order to fully release the creativity of the startup teams, Jinyoung will increase the dividend rate of the partners based on the development of the startup project.

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    Integrator of the Technology

    With more joined startup teams, Jinyoung is becoming an integrator of the novel technologies.In order to provide customized and professional R&D service to its startup teams, Jinyoung establishes a comprehensive R&D system consisting more than 180 R&D employees. Jinyoung is always seeking for the innovations that may create a new world.