Rotomolding Material Solutions

Rotomolding Material

With years of experience in rotational molding, Jinyoung dedicates to offer integrated material solutions for large hollow plastic products. Our products cover reinforced materials, flame retardant materials, antisepsis materials, anti-aging materials and crosslinking materials, which are Highly evaluated by our customers in the fields of automobile fuel tank manufacturing, agricultural machinery part manufacturing, municipal facility manufacturing, recreation facility manufacturing, sports equipment manufacturing, packaging container manufacturing, etc.

Key Products

Universal Rotomolding Plastic

The series of product is rotomolding plastic grade ordinary modified LLDPE powder, comprehensive performance is good, suitable for the production of medium and large-scale products. 

Special Rotomolding Plastic For Military Box

The series of product is special modified LLDPE powder for military boxes, with good dimensional stability, high ESCR, resistance to drop shock and permanent anti-static performance. 

Flame Retardant Rotomolding Plastic

The series of product is rotomolding plastic grade flame retardant modified LLDPE powder, after toughening, to avoid the use of ordinary resistance fuel due to lack of toughness, mainly used in electrical and electronic housings. 

Cold Chain Transport Box Special Material

The series of product is rolling plastic grade toughened LLDPE powder, high impact strength. 

Foam Cross-link PE Material

Low odor, uniform bubble holes, high foaming multiply, used to fill the hollow part of the rolling plastic products, can improve the anti-flush, insulation.

Special Rotomolding Material For The Insulation Box

The series of products is a rolling plastic grade LLDPE powder, with good processing performance, resistance to high and low temperature performance. 

Crosslinking Rotomolding Materials

The series of product is special cross-link HDPE powder, cross-linking degree of 90%, mainly used in gasoline tanks and temperature resistance, impact resistance, vibration requirements of higher products. 

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