Lighting Materials

Lighting Materials

Human’s civilization progress is inseparable from lighting, which provides a good living environment for the humanrace. Nowadays, a competitive light source is more than a bulb providing light. Transmitting light in an appropriate way, being designed in a modern style and maximising the energy efficiency are also crucial. All those requirements are challenging the material suppliers of the Lighting industry.

Based on the material and application, we provide customized material solutions:

  • Blow Molding Light Diffusion Materials
  • High Transparent Materials
  • High Reflection Materials
  • Flame Retardant Light Diffusion Materials
  • Other Materials
    (extrusion materials, light diffusion PP, etc.)

Full Plastic LED Lamp Shell

Bromine Flame Retardant Enhances PBT

Glass fiber-reinforced, with good flame retardant, high size stability, crack resistance, flame retardant grade V0.

Streetlight Radiator

Highly Thermally Conductive Nylon

High thermal conductivity, high impact strength, high flow, thermal conductivity 2.0-5.0 W/(m.K), flame retardant class V0.

Plastic Aluminum Lamp Shell

Bromine Flame Retardant PBT

Glass fiber-reinforced, with good mechanical properties, light shielding, high dimensional stability and heat and cold cycle resistance, flame retardant grade V0.

Thermally Conductive Nylon.

High thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity 0.8-1.0 W/(m.K), flame retardant grade V0, size stability, high flow, heat and cold cycle.

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