Consumer Electronics Material Solutions

Consumer Electronic Materials

Consumer electronics progress with each passing day and the industrial competition is driving us to constantly think about “how to keep our customer more competitive than the others”. The key to lead the industry is the function, aesthetics and design flexibility of the product. We are always pursuing “lighter, thinner, and prettier”.

The Cell-phone Shell

High Flow, High Toughness PC Material

Excellent fluidity and molding, good thermal stability, refined surface results.

Highly Rigid PC/ABS Material

High dimensional stability, high rigidity, ultra-high mobility.

Spray-free PC

Rich in color, diverse effects, high gloss, high heat resistance, can present metal, pearl, jade and other effects.

The Cell-phone Frame

Enhanced PC

Easy spraying, high gloss, chemical crack resistance.

Laptop Shell

Halogen-free Flame Retardant PC/ABS

High gloss, parts surface no floating fiber, easy to mold; low shrinkage, high rigidity; halogen flame retardant (1.6mm-V0 flame retardant grade); no spraying, injection, plating and other deep processing; can reduce the thickness of the design wall by 20%.


Halogen-free Flame Retardant PC/ABS

High mechanical strength, high light, halogen-free flame retardant (1.6mm-V0 flame retardant rating).

Universal HIPS

Good liquidity, high impact resistance.

Wearable Devices Materials

Flame Retardant PC

Excellent anti-UV performance, Excellent weather resistance, Excellent flame retardant, Customizable color.

Slot/Electronic Connector Materials


Excellent rigidity, Excellent dimensional stability, Excellent high-temperature unleaded backflow resistance(300℃), High GWFI value over 960℃, Low warping deformation.

USB Parts Materials

Halogen-free Flame Retardant PBT 

0.8mm V0 Flame Retardant, CTI Value over 400V.

Office Instruments Materials (e.g. Printer Panel)

Anti-static PC/ABS

Static resistance(surface resistivity is 106-11Ω), Excellent fluidity, High elongation at break.

Office Equipment (Printer Housing)

High-gloss Flame Retardant ABSLevel-V0 HFFR0.8mm

Flame retardant (1.6mm-V0 flame retardant rating), ultra-high gloss, heat resistance.

Flame Retardant HIPS

Flame retardant (1.6mm-V0 flame retardant rating), high fluidity, high impact resistance.

The Charger Housing

Flame Retardant PC

Stress-resistant cracking, -40C low temperature shock, halogen-free flame retardant (1.6mm-V0 flame retardant rating), easy to color, laser-resistant.

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