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Special Material

The company has developed POLYWORK PPA material, carbon fiber reinforced material, biodegradable material and other products to meet customers' requirements of high performance and environmental degradation.


    PPA Material




    Degradable Material

  • PPA Material

    High temperature nylon PPA is a semi-aromatic family polyamide made from a binary acid containing benzene ring (usually benzoic acid) and adipose family diamine, the main varieties are PA4T, PA6T copolymer PA9T, PA10T, PA11T, PA12T, etc., Jinxuan PPA materials, melting point of about 310 degrees C, with high heat resistance and low water absorption, widely used in electrical and electronic, automotive industry, home life and other fields.


    The Main Features


    Higher melting point and thermal deformation temperature.

    Low water absorption for high dimensional stability and strength in high humidity environments.

    Excellent chemical resistance, especially glycol, gasoline, deionized water and so on.

    Better reflow welding.

    Usually The Processing Parameters

    Typical Applications

    Electrical And Electronic

    Circuit breakers, toss switches, various SMT connectors (FPC, SCA, D-SUB, DDR, BTB), tap switches, coil holders, etc.

    Automotive Industry

    Air manifolds, automotive connectors, engine peripherals, sensors, igniters, oil pump covers, lamp panels, etc.

    Home Life

    Coffee machine structure parts, microwave oven bracket, sweeping robot internal parts, bathroom shower stand, etc.



  • CFPR

    Carbon fiber is polypropylene, asphalt, adhesive fiber as raw materials, in the atmosphere of inert gas, after high temperature calcination of graphite, the carbon content is greater than 92% of the microcrystalline. Ink fiber, it has the characteristics of high strength, high modude, low density, small linear expansion coefficient, conduction, wear resistance and so on.

    After the nylon resin is modified by carbon fiber, the product has excellent technical properties, as a lightweight material to replace the metal load, but also as a functional material to play. Anti-static, electromagnetic shielding, wear resistance and other characteristics. Products can be used in electrical and electronic housings, automotive, OA equipment, industrial equipment and other fields.


    Processing Proces


    Drying method: blow drying box, 100-130 degrees C, 2-4 hours.

    Processing temperature (C) and processing speed:



    Carbon fiber-reinforced nylon resin complies with EU Directive 2011/65/EU and EC/1907/2006.


  • Degradable Material

    Polylectic acid (PLA) is recognized as an environmentally friendly material, a new type of bio-based and renewable biodegradable material with excellent physical and mechanical properties. It is made up of plants. The propylene monoglyceride monoglyceride extracted from sugar is polymerized, does not occupy petrochemical resources, belongs to 100% bio-based source resin, and can be completely degraded under industrial composting conditions. Water and carbon dioxide. With the popular application of PLA in food, medicine, daily necessities and other fields, it not only effectively alleviated the earth's energy crisis, but also significantly improved the environmental pollution problem. for the sustainable development of mankind plays an important role.


    Modified Poly Lactic Acid Injection Grade Products

    Product Overview

    It combines bio-based sources with biodegradable and environmentally friendly properties.

    With high temperature resistance, good toughness and so on, mainly used in disposable tableware products and daily necessities.

    Processing Process

    Drying conditions: 80C/4H.

    Processing temperature (C):

    Modified Poly Lactic Acid Extrusion Grade Products

    Product Overview

    It combines bio-based sources with biodegradable and environmentally friendly properties.

    With high temperature resistance, good processing performance and so on, mainly used in thermo-molded products, such as disposable cups, lunch boxes, trays and so on.

    Processing Process

    Drying conditions: 80C/4H.

    The processing temperature of the sheet:

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