Packaging Material Solutions


Masterbatches are concentrated plastic additives carried by the specific kind of resin. This series of products are great materials solution for achieving excellent dispersion of additives with higher efficiency and lower cost.

Smooth Opening Series Masterbatches

With plastic resin as the carrier, imported opening agent and smoothing agent as the active ingredients developed from the high-performance smooth opening master grain, so that the film surface forms micro-protrusions to prevent bonding.

Matte Masterbatches

With plastic resin as the carrier, the high-quality anti-light additives are distributed in a stable and uniform way, and a uniform coarse surface is formed on the surface during the film production process, thus eliminating the gloss of the film surface. 

PE Processing Master

LLDPE is used as a carrier to distribute high-quality and efficient PPA auxiliaries evenly into the carrier resin in a stable form, so as to form a parent material with good processing performance, which can be applied to blow-plastic film, multi-layer co-extrusion film, flow film and other PE film processing processes.

Breathable Masterbatches

Composite materials made from polyolefin resins, calcium carbonate and other additives are suitable for extrusion and delay processing and have good processing properties. 

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