• Combined Material Solution

  • Tape Material Solution

  • Release Material Solution

  • Material Solutions For Rail Transit Industry

    High-speed railway, urban railway are extremely demanded, Jinyoung's rail materials have excellent product performance, to meet the safety requirements under different operating conditions.

  • Automobile Material Solutions

    Automobile industry have been evaluating profoundly. Nowadays, vehicles are safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. Expertise in materials, Jinyoung is able to customize professional automobile materials solutions for the customer in the field of automobile manufacturing.

  • Material Solutions For New Energy Vehicle Industry

    The rapid growth of new energy vehicle industry is promoting many related industries, such as energy industry and energy safety industry. Integrating the experience in both automobile manufacturing and...

  • Smart Home Material Solutions

    Jinyoung in-depth of home appliances market for many years, to promote the transformation of material applications, to meet higher, smarter home materials applications for a consumer-perfect experience.

  • Consumer Electronics Material Solutions

    Consumer electronics progress with each passing day and the industrial competition is driving us to constantly think about “how to keep our customer more competitive than the others”...

  • Electrical Industry Material Solutions

    Electrical equipment and components are easily impacted by temperature, humidity, corrosive gases and other factors. Jinyoung provides a full range of support services, including related product R&D, manufacturing, and technical assistance, to realize the optimal production efficiency and profit.

  • Lighting Industrial Solutions

    Human’s civilization progress is inseparable from lighting, which provides a good living environment for the humanrace. Nowadays, a competitive light source is more than a bulb providing light. Transmitting light in an appropriate way, being designed in a modern style and maximising the energy efficiency are also crucial...

  • Rotational Molding Material Solutions

    With years of experience in rotational molding, Jinyoung dedicates to offer integrated material solutions for large hollow plastic products. Our products cover reinforced materials, flame retardant materials...

  • Packaging Material Solutions

    Masterbatches are concentrated plastic additives carried by the specific kind of resin. This series of products are great materials solution for achieving excellent dispersion of additives with higher efficiency and lower cost.

  • Special Material Solutions

    The company has developed POLYWORK PPA material, carbon fiber reinforced material, biodegradable material and other products to meet customers' requirements of high performance and environmental degradation.

  • Jinyoung is a company which specific in tape field, mainly producestationery tape,double-face tape,texture paper tape,brown paper tape,sponge tape,warming tape,cloth-base tape,Myra tape,etc.We have several advanced coating production lines, various kind of types and specifications of tape cutters, color pastemachine, printer,facility of pressure sensitive glue. We provide high quality products and sincere service to many leading brands in various area such as food,e-commerce,and logistic.
    Type Usage Characteristics
    Packing tape Packing,tie up commodities High elastics,light,poison and smell free. We provide different packing tapes according to each circumstance
    Print tape General packing Multiple colors to choose,vivid in color. Clients could choose up to 4 colors base on their needs
    Colorful tape General packing Custom-made of color,helpful for recognition and mark
    Type Usage Characteristics
    Warming tape Maker for ground or a certain region Anti-corrosion,anti-acid and base,oil proof,free of fading
    Brown paper tape Package for Expensive commodity,gift box Must avoid exposure on sunlight. Used under room temperature or lower. High adhesive strength, poison and smell free. Water proof
    Texture paper tape Decoration of car and furniture, car spray paint Can stand with high temperature,anti-chemical solvent, high adhesive, touched soft, reusable with little residue on the original surface
    Double face tape Bond two things together,fixation Transparent,non-absorb of moisture, lasting adhesiveness, perform well under water,moisture condition.UV proof, anti- aging
    Tape Business Division:
    Tel: 86-592-6517000-6618/6602
  • The Release Liner Division mainly manufacture PE/PET/ PP silicone coated release film, which are widely used in Die-cutting, Adhesiveproducts, Physiological and sanitary material, Label, Advertising material, Medicalproducts, Building materials and other Industry field etc. We also provide OEM services to PE, OPP, MOPP, CPP, PVC, PP film silicon coated.
    Our 5-roller automation siliconizing machine introduced from Germany, it is equipped with UV Curing Station by nitrogen protection. Class 10000 clean room ensures high quality of productions. The Free radical UV curing technology and 100% Solvent-free siliconizing ensure smooth coating, stable release force, high subsequent adhesion, without post curing.
    We will concentrate more on research and development and large-scale production of high-end products in the future, and devote ourselves to providing more perfect solutions for customers in the release liner industry.

    PE Release Film(Industrial and Electronic)

    Silicone coated one side or double sides on PE blowing film.
    Product feature: Smoothcoating, Steady release force, High subsequent adhesion, Good heat resistance
    Product application: Adhesive products (such as foam tape), Labels, Printing, Die-cutting, Autoindustry, Build industry etc.

    Product Thickness Color Release side
    PE release film 25μm - 160μm R、G、B、T、W S1S、S2S
    R=Red G=Green B=Blue T=Transparent W=White
    Common Specification:30μm、50μm 、60μm、70μm、80μm、100μm、120μm

    PE Release Film(Physiological health and Medical)

    Silicone coated one side or double sides on PE casting film
    Product feature: Goodflexibility, Steady release force, High subsequent adhesion
    Product application: Sanitary napkin, Babydiapers, Band-Aid etc.

    Product Specification Color Release side
    PE release film 16g-25g Various S1S、S2S
    Common Specification:20g、22g、24g

    PET Release Film

    Silicone coated one side or double sides on PET film.
    Product feature: Smoothcoating, Steady release force, High subsequent adhesion.
    Product application: Die-cutting, Adhesive products, Labels and Trademark printing, Protective film, Electronic label etc.

    Product Thickness Color Release side
    PET release film 12μm - 250μm T、W、B、Y、R S1S、S2S
    T=Transparent W=White B=Blue Y=Yellow R=Red
    Common Specification:25μm、36μm、50μm、75μm、100μm、125μm

    PP release film

    Silicone coated one side or double sides on BOPP, MOPP, OPP,CPP, PVC etc.
    Product application: Die-cutting, Adhesive tape, Protective film, Printing, Label etc.

    Product Specification Color Release side
    PP release film 25μm - 100μm Various S1S、S2S
    Other special film Various Various S1S、S2S
    Common Specification:30μm
    Testing and storage
    All ourrelease film have passed SGS test.
    Range of release force: 1g~400g/25mm
    Test method for release force: FTM10, TESA7475
    Test method for subsequent adhesion: FTM11
    Storage and application: Note storage indoor under normal temperature and humidity, avoid heat and exposure to the sun, keep the surface clean, and avoid contacting with oil, dust and liquids.
    Quality guarantee period: 6 months under indoor temperature
    Release Liner Division:
Technical Services

No good product goes without professional services. Jinyoung always values the customer experience. As a professional material solution provider, Jinyoung offers the designers and engineers various technical services, such as the color matching service, material comparison services, and processing technical support.

  • Testing Service

  • Color Service

  • Process Optimization Service

  • Mold Optimization Service

  • Testing Service

    Strictly following ISO/IEC17025 laboratory management system, the Testing Laboratory of Jinyoung obtained CNAS accreditation, which enablesJinyoung toprovide credible test reports on various aspects, such as mechanical performance, flame retardant capability, photo-aging resistance capability and optical performance.

  • Color Service

    In order to meet different color design requirements, Jinyoung provides customers with a full range of color solutions, including colorful dazzling, pearlescent, metallic texture and other special effects. We can meet customer layout, printing, color matching and other needs, enhance the exclusiveness degree of customer products.

    The Color Matching Center has the industry's leading color matching technology team to develop different colors of various substrates in a timely and accurate manner. Jinyoung has developed a series of colors including more than 300 kinds of automotive interior colors, water-free nylon color, home appliances with spray-free color, not only to provide customers with color matching recommendations and specialized customized services, but also for the same color spectrum materials to provide color solutions.

    Color matching center configuration of multiple high-precision spectrometry color meters, special injection molding machine and its supporting highlights, automotive texture and other models, matching six light source color light box, photometer equipment, as well as PANTONE, RAL, CNCSCOLOR and other color systems, color resistance to aging, water-resistant, migration, weather resistance, heat resistance and other test aids.

  • Process Optimization Service

    Based on the materials, Jinyoung offers assistance to its customers on the optimization of the production process. The goal of Jinyoung is to help the customers producing the best product with our materials.

    We supply release material with suitable release force to match customer demand. We can adjust release force to correspond with customer technology or production conditions adjustment during use.

  • Mold Optimization Service

    Through MOLDFLOW, Jinyoung will provide recommendations to the customers during the mold design, such as the location of the injection, mold structure design, and flow pathway design. The flow mark and welding line could be avoided.

    We supply various kinds of base materials/thickness/widthness according to customers' differentiated demand.

Quality Assurance

Jinyoung regards the product quality as the cornerstone. The QA system of Jinyoung always follows the top international standard. Jinyoung built the professional testing laboratory strictly following CNAS requirements, just to ensure the data provided is accurate and trustful. Safe, healthy and environmental friendly, our products are fully covered.

QA Certifications

Projects Following International QA Standards
QA System ISO9001:2015 – QA System
Other Services IATF16949:2016 – Automobile QA Management System
ISO45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System;
ISO14001:2015 – Environmental Management System
Certified by FDA, USA (Certification # QMFZ2.E475922)
Providing characterization service meeting international standards, such as REACH, ROHS, UL, NSF.