Entrepreneurship Hand in Hand
The partnership business
Partnership Mechanism
As heads of entrepreneurship units, partners decide and operate independently in their own business units and enjoy various management rights, such as the right of personnel recruitment, personnel positions allocation and net profit distribution.
Building resource sharing platform with all essential elements, and providing service support for entrepreneurs, helping them succeed in business.
Once entrepreneurs join Jinyoung platform and open the entrepreneurial journey, they can obtain a guaranteed income. After a period of time, if they can officially become our partners and establish an independent business unit, they will enjoy the unique profit-sharing mechanism of the platform, unique policies, multiple benefits and unlimited growth room.
Jinyoung created a set of unique business model – entrepreneurship platform for polymer industry, basing on our strong corporate culture system, experienced management team and grasp of policy environment, market regulation and industry characteristics.
For the construction of platform mechanism, we built a set of perfect regulations, fully guaranteeing the interests of entrepreneurs in many aspects.
Partnership Conditions
In principle, we look forward to the partnership candidates with the following conditions:
01 Excellent organization, management and market development ability .
02 Mature customer resources.
03 Mature industrial technology resources.
04 Ability to achieve the Business Plan as provided.
05 Persistent entrepreneurial passion.
06 Independent problem solving skills.
07 Having rich working experience in polymer materials and related industries, and a profound understanding of the industry
Partnership Admission Process
Partners Selection 1. Submit business plan
2. Partners selection
3. Open the journey of cooperation
Partners Foster 1. Partners Foster
2. Mentor coaching
3. Realize the target at foster stage
Partners Survey 1. Sign Partneship Agreement
2. Independent Operation, Independent Accounting
3. Achieve goals of partners
Formal Partnership 1. Survival of the fittest
2. Independent Operation, Independent Accounting
3. Achieve multiple benefits
Want to Join
Please fill in the brief information of partnership project according to the following tips
If you have any questions, please contact: Recruitment Hotline:0592-6800892Email:hhr@jinyoung.cn
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