Deepen Exchanges Between Jinyoung and NUC


On April 8, Hou Hua and Li Yingchun, party secretary and vice president from college of material science and engineering of North University of China paid a visit to the Jinyoung(Xiamen) Industry Limited Company.As a university of historical glory in military,its polymer science has unique advantanges which has attracted Jinyoung to help the students finish school by signing the grant agreement in 2015.This visit  symbolizes the extension of mutual cooperation and lay the foundation for future exchanges. 

During the symposium,visitors listened to the development process, corporate culture, development planning and polymer material business founding platform to be launched of Jinyoung, spoke highly of the business model and expressed warm congratulations.At the meeting,both sides carried on thorough exchanges on  existing technical problem in the company and discussed about further cooperation and technological achievement transformation.After the meeting,they visited the stereo storehouse,production lines as well as testing laboratoryaccompanied by some leaders from Jinyoung.Various testing facilities,production equipments and supermatic warehousing facilities have won their approval.  

At the end of the visit,Secretary Hou said this meeting has deepened mutual exchanges and with Jinyoung’s business model, a lot more scientific payoffs in North University of China will be able to  realize industrialization and create greater economic value.