We produce what people need, Jinyoung’s Special-propose PP for Melt-blown fabric.



The epidemic situation is still in a critical period. It is the duty of material supplying enterprises to ensure the materials for epidemic prevention and win the nationwide battle. Recently, a special-propose polypropylene melt-blown material production line has been put into production successfully in Jinyoung. With the subsequent completion of several production lines, 30 tons of production capacity can be realized every day, ensuring the raw material demand of nearly 30 million medical masks.



After returning to work in nationwide, masks are still the most scarce  epidemic materials. In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention, social production and life. The upstream and downstream enterprises of mask production are full load production, and try their best to increase production and expand production so as to ensure supply. As a modified plastic industry to ensure the supply of "key", melt-blown fabric materials for mredical masks, many enterprises are rushing to the front line to ensure supplying materials, Jinyoung is one of them.





This product is a special-propose material for melt-blown polypropylene, which is formed by modification of polypropylene resin. It is suitable for the production of non-woven fabric by melt-blown technology and also with good processability.  Jinyoung’s Special propose PP material for melt-blown fabric has the characteristics of ultra-high flow rate, good stability, no impurities, low gas taste, etc. its non-woven products can be widely used in protective clothing, masks and other protective appliances.




Enter Jinyoung’s production workshop, workers are busy in an orderly and tense way on the steps of mix, feed, pack and put them in storage. The good looking plastic pallet is being produced continuously. These polypropylene melt-blown materials will be delivered to customers in a few days. In the near future, they will be processed into melt blown cloth, which will become the core filter layer of masks, helping people isolate droplets, particles and microorganisms



The epidemic situation is surging, so it is urgent to guarantee the supply of raw materials for epidemic prevention. After the first production line start to produce, Jinyoung started the transformation of the second production line immediately. In fact, in Jinyoung’s workshop, there are more production lines available for deployment to respond to customer demand at any time and fully support the supply of mask materials.




The land of China is particularity warm when the morning light sprinkled on the ground, the green buds are inlaid with branches and the spring is gathering in March. Everyone, every enterprise, every city is not an isolated island. It is the countless Chinese manufacturing enterprises that have the courage to take on the responsibilities, overcome difficulties, speed up the resumption of work, and ensure the supply of epidemic prevention and control materials and people's livelihood materials that make this vast and magical land speed up the pace of spring recovery.