Jinyoung Logins to CHINAPLAS 2019 and tell you how to leverage the 100 billion-grade material Market

 Asia's largest rubber and plastic exhibition opened at Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. JINXIAOMI came to the scene early in the morning, from Opening to Closing Excessive.
 The Official "Spokesperson" of Jinyoung Advanced Material, JINXIAOMI watched the exhibition with a learning attitude.
New Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G Network...All kinds of popular USTH(undefined technology) are dazzling and overwhelming, making people with "wow" words endless.
From Fuel Vehicle to New Energy, Car Material Innovation will never stop
In the field of new automotive materials, we have brought lightweight materials to make travel more efficient, including carbon fiber reinforced nylon, micro-foamed PP, low density PP, thin-walled PP, long glass fiber reinforced PP, etc. We have brought environmentally friendly materials to make travel healthier, including spraying-free PMMA/ASA, PC and ASA, PP, ABS, PC/ABS, PA materials, low odor PP and low VOC flame retardant PP materials. Safe new energy materials, including glass fiber flame retardant nylon 6, PC/ABS alloy materials, PC/ASA materials, PA66 and so on.
From 3C to Smart home, continuous Improvement from quality to intelligence 
In the field of smart home, we have brought health-protecting and environmental protection materials, including spraying-free ABS, PP and PC/ABS materials, which can be applied to household appliances such as air-conditioning case, rice cooker cover, soybean milk machine shell, hair dryer shell and so on. They are applied to anti-bacterial and flame-retardant PP in the field of smart sanitary ware, which conform to FDA food certification, low temperature and environmental protection PP with good chemical corrosion resistance and non-discoloration, and low odor. Enhanced PP and environmentally friendly flame-retardant PC materials; brought flame-retardant materials to ensure safety, including halogen-free flame-retardant reinforced PC, processable high-flow halogen-free flame-retardant nylon materials, enhanced flame-retardant PBT materials, which can reduce the design wall thickness by 20%.
From carbon fiber to 3D printing, continuously explore the possibility of technological innovation
In the frontier technology field, we have brought carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites with specific strength of 1.5-2.4 times that of traditional metal materials and weight reduction of 10%-20%. They have outstanding performances in front-end modules, engine periphery, car body, seat frame, battery bracket, instrument platform skeleton and other components, and also brought industrial grade 3D printing materials, including printable case, warping-free and cracking-free ABS materials for body, auxiliary parts, household appliances and other products, as well as high-heat-resistant PA engineering materials for printable heat-resistant shell, engineering structural parts, auxiliary parts, household appliances and other products.
In addition, Jinyoung also brought flame-retardant PA6, flame-retardant PP, light diffusion PC and other electronic and electrical materials, such as breathable color masterbatch, matting color masterbatch and other functional masterbatch materials, biodegradable PLA and other environmental protection materials, as well as high-performance materials such as rotating molding PE material.
Make good materials with heart and know the future of materials
In this 200 square meters space
Plastic granules links people's food, clothing, transportation and entertainment
Link up the huge market demand of hundreds of billions of consumption upgrading
Zero Distance Experience What Is Real Technology Changing Life
And continue to provide customers with leading material solutions
It is the power source that Jinyoung strives diligently for in product innovation.