Jinyoung is listed in the first batch of Fujian “Environmental Economy Manufacturer”

“The Clear Water & Environmental Economy Mountain equal to the Gold & Silver Mountains.” The traditional manufacturing is upgraded to intelligent manufacturing, and "Environmental Economy" is the proper meaning of the topic. Recently, Fujian Province Industry and Information Technology Department announced the first batch of Environmental Economy manufacturing list in Fujian Province, and Jinyoung was successfully selected as the first batch of "Environmental Economy Factory" enterprises.
As the leading enterprise of modified plastics in Fujian Province, Jinyoung has always attached great importance to the development of Environmental Economy manufacturing, and practiced the concept of Environmental Economy development in the aspects of Environmental Economy product design and development, Environmental Economy material selection, efficient equipment selection and production process planning, aiming at building ultra-low energy consumption, intelligent control, rational construction planning, advanced technology, efficient resource utilization and energy-saving measures effective advanced Environmental Economy factory.
Stick to selecting eco-friendly raw material 
Jinyoung insists on using non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free, dust-free raw materials. The production process meets the requirements of national standards and meets the standards of Eco friendly materials.

R&D Vigorously of Eco friendly Products

Jinyoung attaches great importance to the innovation of green products, and has developed dozens of innovative Eco friendly products, such as micro-foaming, low-odor PP, spraying-free materials, 3D printing materials and degradable PLA materials.
Actively Recycling and Utilizing Renewable Resources 
Jinyoung has actively utilized the production technology of recycled granules from waste plastics, including classified collection, crushing, over magnetization, melt extrusion, cooling and granulation, and homogenization, so as to minimize waste discharge, energy consumption and environmental pollution, and protect the ecological environment.
Focus on Building Lean Manufacturing System
Relying on the leading preparation technology and information technology, Jinyoung has created a set of standardized, automated, visualized, fast and efficient lean intelligent manufacturing system, which not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces production energy consumption and realizes efficient utilization of resources.
Strictly Implementing Quality Assurance System
Jinyoung has built an experimental analysis platform in strict accordance with CNAS standards. The product quality assurance system meets international standards, and provides a strong guarantee for the stable improvement of product quality from safety, health, environmental protection and other aspects.
Full use of Clean Energy
Xiamen’s plant is built in strict accordance with the standard of green manufacturing. In the process of manufacturing and production, it adheres to the use of clean energy, recycles most of the production water, and partially discharges clean sewage to minimize the generation and discharge of pollutants.