Conquer “flow mark”, Jinyoung’s new breakthrough for spraying-free materials


Paint contains a large amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds). It will volatilize the benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and other toxic and harmful chemical substances while painting or in people’s daily living and harmful to people’s health. Compared to conventional coatings, free-spraying materials are now more popular because they can protect the environment while completing the spraying task, also be favorable to the policy and the market.


Conquer the technology difficulties of “flow mark”, and weld wiring


Jinyoung adopted the special structure effect powder and unique powder surface treatment technology, optimizes the extrusion granulation process, so that the effect powder can maximize the size and color effect. With a unique understanding of the mold structure design, Jinyoung has helped customers to achieve the replacement of spraying and electroplating cumbersome process, and can solve the problem of flow marks and weld wiring.


Compared with traditional modified plastics, it has many advantages: good chemical corrosion resistance and scratch resistance; rich color, high surface gloss, to meet the diversified aesthetic needs; 100% recyclable, environmental protection and comprehensive use of low cost.

This material has been extended to household appliances, automobiles, cosmetics and specific packaging and other fields. It can also provide rich color effects and solutions for different fields and applications.


Home appliance shell


We provide a spray-free solution specially developed for the household appliance industry. It can achieve better color effect without modifying the product structure and mold structure. The effect is similar to spraying.





Automobile decorative strip and silver guard plate


Our high-gloss silver, high-gloss black non-spraying materials, have the advantages of with low VOC, excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness, etc., can be used in automotive interior decorative strips, door handles, rearview mirrors, decorative strips, bumper and other parts.



Cosmetics and wine packaging


We have also developed different colors of non-spraying materials for high-end cosmetic packaging and wine packaging to match the spraying effect. 



A complete solution for spraying-free materials


Excellent technical strength ensures that we can start from product structure, material design, color realization, mold design and other aspects. Through the full range of product design and development, we provide customized solutions for customers.



We have successfully helped dozens of customers to upgrade their materials from spraying materials to spraying-free materials. And also saved their 20%-40% cost on average. Facts have proved that spraying-free technology can not only save costs, improve product quality and durability, but also meet the aesthetic needs of consumers for product appearance.