Jinyoung’s carbon fiber reinforced composite help to boost the upgrading of the lightweight technology.


Carbon fiber has the highest specific strength, specific modulus, also the outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity, which is known as the "King of Materials". With long-term research and development, Jinyoung has conquered some technical difficulties on electromagnetic shielding and material heat conduction; finally researched and developed the carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites successfully.


Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites can maximize the length of carbon fiber; fully dispersed in the engineering plastics matrix; also improve the shortcomings of poor surface quality of high-performance material. At the same time, these composites reduce the price of similar materials by about 50%; can be used in new energy vehicles, electronic and electrical appliances and other fields.


1.Reducing the weight and the cost of new energy vehicles and improving their endurance.


The research shows that if the whole vehicle quality of pure electric vehicle is reduced by 10kg, the driving mileage can be increased by 2.5km. Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites are 1.5~2.4 times stronger than conventional metals and can achieve a higher load-carrying capacity with the same unit mass, the quality reduction can reach 10%-20%.


Automotive Intake Manifold 


Our carbon fiber reinforced series PA66 and PP products have the obvious effect on quality reduction. And also have the characteristics of high specific strength, high impact strength, easy forming and good surface quality, which solve the general phenomenon that the material quality of the industries is not stable and the poor appearance of the finished products. These products can be used in front-end module, engine cover and periphery, body, seat skeleton, battery carrier, power battery package and other parts.


2. To replace the traditional materials, promote the upgrading of electronic and electrical industry.


 Thanks to the outstanding performance of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, we can make electronic products thinner, more textured and higher technologically feeling.


(1)The shell of electronic and electrical products: The traditional use of air-cooled or water cooled cooling method make noise and also occupy a large amount of space. The shells manufactured by using our PA66, AC20L/AC40L technologies not only have the sturdiness of metal, but also the lighter weight and the good thermal conductivity. These materials can achieve onfanless design products. Electromagnetic shielding can be achieved through the shielding properties of carbon fiber.



Laptop case


(2)Drone Blades: Our carbon fiber reinforced PPA HA40L can reduce the weight of drone, increase endurance, and reduce the vibration and noise. Reduce the metal to remote signal interference, simplify the molding process, and improve the flexibility of product structure design at the same time.


Drone Blades


(3)Electronic and electrical products structural parts: Our carbon fiber reinforced material PA66 AC40L not only has excellent strength, light weight and other characteristics, also has the advantages of rapid production, easy to mass production and recycling. We have better performance, lower cost and simpler processes than conventional materials.


High-voltage shielding equipment