Jinyoung awarded the first domestic company of “National professional innovation maker space for New High- polymer material”


Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology published the second batch of National professional innovation maker space list. Three firms in Fujian were in the list, including Jinyoung (Xiamen) Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd, which is the first lot company in Fujian Province to award it. Jinyoung business platform was regarded as “National professional innovation maker space for New High- polymer material” not only means it is the only one professional innovation space in the national new high-polymer material field, but also indicates that Jinyoung pioneered shared-entity business model got authorized by State again.

Difference from the well-known maker space, the professional maker space refers to those important creational service platforms which purposes to focus on subdivision of industry to promote the technology innovation and serve entity business. To be chosen in the national professional innovation maker space list, you must be the leading key enterprise in your filed, and set an example to promote the entity business development in the aspect of resource sharing and subdivision field innovation. In the list of this lot, also includes Tsinghua University, Peking University, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), China Telecom, Sany Group, CHANGHONG Electric Co., Ltd etc.

As a technology company carries in cooperative venture platform and focus in new material research and development, Jinyoung (Xiamen) advance material Co., Ltd (The wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinyoung Group) gathers over 30 maker-teams and the output values reaches hundreds of millions in the shortly over one year with his innovational business model. It has made breakthroughs in the fields of new energy vehicles, smart home, electronic and electrical appliances and so on. It has sprung up more than 100 million business partners and won over 30% of the market share in several sub industries. Now Jinyoung is one of leaders in his field.

Moreover, Jinyoung makes rapid breakthroughs in the technology research and development. Such as build the Research Institute, technical center, engineering technology research center, academician workstation, and the science technology institute made from 12 famous academicians, professors and experts. Meantime, Jinyoung builds a long-term cooperation relationship with the first class universities and research institutes all over the world, like Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Tsinghua University, the Fudan University, Sichuan University, Xiamen University and the Beijing University of Chemical Technology etc. In addition, Jinyoung key laboratory has established a simulation processing center, a testing center, a color matching center, and get the CNAS qualification approval. Now Jinyoung is preparing for the post-doctoral workstation, the National Engineering Technology Center and the national key engineering laboratory.

For Jinyoung, awarding the “National professional innovation maker space” shows the at least five aspects in industry demonstration significance. First, resource opening and sharing, improves the efficiency of the firm’s resource utilization. Jinyoung maker platform depends on the strong strength and resource advantages of his parent firm—Jinyoung Group, achieves the intensive, low-cost management and efficient allocation of resources. Second, the industrial chain has been enriched and perfected around the innovation and entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs have made rapid breakthroughs in the fields of new energy vehicles, smart homes, electronic appliances, and formed the new ecosystem of new polymer innovation and entrepreneurship. Third, accelerate the transformation of research achievements and the industrialization. Jinyoung realized the industrialization of dozens of products in just over a year by establishing an advanced research & development system and manufacturing system. Fourth, release the innovation energy of high-level talents. Jinyoung attracts a number of master and doctor's technical talents, as well as academicians, professors and experts in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which promotes the scientific research transformation. Fifth, to support of the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, Jinyoung has made great breakthroughs through model and technological innovation, which provides a new way for the transformation and upgrading of the new polymer materials industry.

At present, Jinyoung is stepping up the global layout of three major manufacturing bases together with three major R & D centers around the world. So as to connect the global incubators and research institutions and introduce the world's most advanced technology and high-end talent. In the future, Jinyoung platform will give full play to the demonstration and guide role of the national professional innovation maker space, and carry out the business philosophy of "activating talents and persisting in customer-centric continuous innovation". Jinyoung will continue to focus on technological innovation, optimize the allocation of resources, stimulate the innovational vitality of new partners, hatch more strategic new products, accelerate the industrialization and upgrading products, ensure the success of entrepreneurs and intensive management, and then change the pattern of industry development, leading industry transformation and upgrading.