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Driven by technological and operational innovations, Jinyoung is a multi-national group with core competency in the fields of advanced materials and industrial investment. The products of Jinyoung cover general plastic materials, engineering plastic, and high-performance plastic materials, which are applied widely in various industries. Following ISO9001 and IATF16949:2016, Jinyoung is able to provide products with leading quality.
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Conquer “flow mark”, Jinyoung’s new breakthrough for spraying-free materials
Jinyoung adopted the special structure effect powder and unique powder surface treatment technology, optimizes the extrusion granulation process, so that the effect powder can maximize the size and color effect. With a unique understanding of the mold structure design, Jinyoung has helped customers to achieve the replacement of spraying and electroplating cumbersome process, and can solve the problem of flow marks and weld wiring.
Jinyoung’s carbon fiber reinforced composite help to boost the upgrading of the lightweight technology.
Carbon fiber has the highest specific strength, specific modulus, also the outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity, which is known as the "King of Materials". With long-term research and development, Jinyoung has conquered some technical difficulties on electromagnetic shielding and material heat conduction; finally researched and developed the carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites successfully.
Persisting in technical innovation, makes Jinyoung to be a "dark horse" in modified plastics industry.
Technology is the key drive for the rapid development of human society, and material is an indispensable important element in the process of technology from innovation to application. April 24th, 2018, the "CHINAPLAS 2018 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" which focus on "intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials and environmental protection technology" opened in Shanghai. This is a gathering of more than 4000 new polymer technology companies and leading technical achievements in the world, which is called "World Expo" in the material world.
Jinyoung awarded the first domestic company of “National professional innovation maker space for New High- polymer material”
Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology published the second batch of National professional innovation maker space list. Three firms in Fujian were in the list, including Jinyoung (Xiamen) Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd, which is the first lot company in Fujian Province to award it. Jinyoung business platform was regarded as “National professional innovation maker space for New High- polymer material” not only means it is the only one professional innovation space in the national new high-polymer material field, but also indicates that Jinyoung pioneered shared-entity business model got authorized by State again.